Henri De Rivel Jaipur Polo Saddle



Key Benefits: 

  • Grippy leather.
  • Unique flap construction.
  • Adequate spine and wither clearance.
  • Reinforced tree.

Rivel Jaipur Polo Saddle


Rivel Jaipur Polo Saddle. The De Rivel Jaipur Saddle is designed to help players achieve a firm and stable platform with the right distribution of weight. It is made with exceptionally grippy leather to offer a secure seat. The flaps have unique glued and stitched construction: outer leather delivers grip and inner layer delivers durability.

This polo saddle also offers adequate spine and wither clearance to promote fit and comfort on a range of horse builds from round-shouldered polo pony to high-withered thoroughbred.

The reinforced tree comes with a lifetime. Guarantee and provides lateral flexibility for effortless support for the motion of the horse.


Henri de Rivel Club Close Contact Plus Saddle

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