Circle Y Josey H-Seat Saddle



It’s possible that barrel racer Martha Josey worked with Circle Y to build the Josey H-Seat Saddle. The term “H-Seat” refers to a seat configuration that features a noticeable elevation in the middle, which enhances the rider’s stability when making sharp bends. This specific form of Circle Y saddle, which is well-known for its fine materials and craftsmanship, is probably intended for barrel racing. It has a forward seat position, unique rigging, and other features that improve rider balance and connection with the horse. It is advised to verify the most recent information available on this particular saddle model by contacting Circle Y or authorized dealers for more exact details.

Circle Y Josey H-Seat Saddle

Barrel Saddle

A well-known company called Circle Y manufactures a range of saddles in the Western design. They are renowned for their fine workmanship and meticulousness. Within the Circle Y brand, Josey saddles are frequently linked to the well-known barrel racer Martha Josey. The features of barrel racing saddles are made to allow for the fast and nimble motions needed to compete in barrel racing events.

The shape of the seat in a saddle is generally referred to as a “H-Seat”. A type of seat called an H-Seat is intended to give the rider more stability and security. The seat’s pronounced rise in the middle, which resembles the letter “H,” aids to keep the rider firmly in place during abrupt and quick spins like those.

High-quality Materials: Circle Y saddles are generally constructed from high-quality materials, which frequently include sturdy leather for the saddle’s exterior and a skillfully designed tree for support and structure.

Barrel Racing Design: A Circle Y Josey saddle is probably made with barrel racing in mind because of its connection to Martha Josey. Features like a forward seat position that aids in the rider’s centering during rapid maneuvers may be included in this.

H-Seat Design: Especially in fast-paced events like barrel racing, the H-Seat design is meant to improve the rider’s balance and security in the saddle. The seat’s elevated center aids in maintaining the rider’s position.

Stirrups and Rigging: To improve the rider’s balance and communication, barrel racing saddles frequently feature a close-contact rigging system with a forward-hung stirrup design.

Horse Comfort: The comfort of the horse is another important factor to consider in a well-designed saddle. It may have padding and a well-designed tree to evenly distribute the rider’s weight.

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