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Camelot Leadline Saddle Kit




Color: BLACK

Leadline Saddle Kit from Camelot

For the smallest competitors, the Camelot Leadline Saddle Kit is the ideal English saddle. A durable synthetic saddle with T-lock stirrup leathers that don’t add bulk beneath the leg is the children’s leadline saddle. Stainless steel roller buckles adorn the 24″ girth. Billets are a polyurethane that is pliable and squishy.

  • artificial building
  • includes stirrup leathers and a 24″ girth.
  • Safe size 12 seat with a grab handle
  • Modifiable panels

The classic black saddle’s synthetic structure makes it simple to clean and wipe down. A distinctive feature of the Leadline Saddle is its adjustable velcro panels, which allow you to suit your horse or pony exactly. With the high pommel and inclined cantle, along with a handy hand hold strap, children can sit comfortably. Getting the small ones into the show ring is simple and inexpensive with the Camelot Saddle Kit!

Please be aware that this saddle is not suitable for solo riding and is not covered by Mary’s Saddle Trial.



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