Bates WIDE Dressage+ HART BDRCWP



Use the Bates Wide Dressage+ Hart BDRCWP saddle to experience the pinnacle of dressage perfection. This saddle is expertly constructed for broader horses and has a cutting-edge design with ground-breaking HART technology. It guarantees unmatched comfort and performance for both the rider and the horse.

This saddle fosters a balanced and harmonious riding position due to its wide seat and deep construction. Modern innovations like the CAIR Cushion System and the EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution are integrated into the HART (Horse and Rider Technology) system. These improvements give your horse’s back a personalized fit, fluid cushioning, and even weight distribution.

The Bates Wide Dressage+ Hart BDRCWP saddle, which is made for accuracy, comfort, and style, will elevate your dressage experience. Ride with assurance and welcome the future of top-notch equestrian sport.

Bates WIDE Dressage+ HART

The Bates WIDE Dressage saddle is designed for a wider horse build that has a round back. Settle down into the deep seat that gives supreme comfort and gives a closer feel between you and your horse. It has a more narrow twist so while your horse is super wide, the seat will still support you, keep you balanced, and leaves you in a centered position.

For your horse, a close contact panel, wide channel, large surface area for weight distribution and adjustable Y-girthing give stability and freedom of movement for a great fit.

Your horse will love the flow and movement they get under teh saddle. They put on a little weight? Easy-Change Fit Gullets area available. Keep your equine partner happy in a Bates!

Included features



  • Seat Size: 16.5″, 17″, 17.5″, 18″
  • Color: Classic Black
  • Weight: 6.8 kg [14.8 lbs] *All weights are approximate and may vary by size and included options. These should be used as a guide only.


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