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SEAT SIZES          15 1/2″, 16″, 16 1/2″, 17″, 17 1/2″

2672 Ohio Reiner | Saddle for Reining

For the competitor who wishes to make a statement in the show pen, the 2672 Ohio Reiner was created. The backdrop of rich chocolate leather is ideal for accessories like old patina conchos and spots. The fenders are hung to allow for a forward swing to sit the stop, and the center pocket ground seat—designed by reiners for reiners—will maintain the rider in the proper posture. Skirts are trimmed slightly shorter than conventional Reiner length to allow for greater flexibility and to fit smaller or younger horses. The leg cut in the skirt facilitates precise cueing. For comfort, fenders are pre-turned.

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Modesty: Flexibility
Mass: thirty thousand kg
Cantle Elevation: 3.000000
Name: Circle Y
Horn: 2 1/2 inches; Neck x 2 inches; Cap swell: 13 inches
Chocolate Daisy Suede Seat Color: 15 1/2′′, 16′′, 16 1/2′′, 17′′, 17 1/2′′
Chocolate is the color.
Tooling Type: Camo, Texas; Tooling Degree: 3/4; Full Border
Halter: 7/8 Inskirt
Sort of Tree: Dinah Reiner
Tree Fit: Wide, Regular
Drop of Skirt: $15,000,000
length of skirt: 27.500000
Manufacturing nation: United States

Seat Size

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