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The Cross Timber Flex2 Trail saddle is perfect for riders looking for a saddle that offers comfort and style. Eye-catching details like a geometric quarter-diamond embellishment and camouflage edge design keep it classy yet fuss-free. The short Latigo cord is designed to secure your gear without the extra length getting in the way.

IIntroducing the Cross Timber Trail saddle – offering a comfortable and stylish riding experience. We’ve designed this lightweight trail saddle with essential features for an enjoyable journey for both rider and horse.

We craft the Cross Timber Trail saddle with the popular Flex2® Tree from Circle Y, ensuring a secure fit for a variety of horses. Choose from regular, wide, or extra-wide options based on your horse’s unique build.

Key Features:

  • The Tunnel Rock™ design creates spinal relief channels, reducing friction and increasing air circulation for the horse’s comfort.
  • Neo-Shock™ Skirt absorbs shock with neoprene filler, enhancing the saddle’s snug fit against the horse’s back.
  • Impact Foam™ seat guarantees all-day comfort for the rider.
  • Softee® seat jockey and mudguards ensure immediate readiness for your ride.
  • EBS Stirrup tilts for added comfort and balanced riding, avoiding torque on the rider’s knees and ankles.

This Cross Timber Trail saddle boasts eye-catching details, including a geometric quarter-diamond pattern and camo edge design. The short Latigo cord allows for easy tying without excess length getting caught.

Available Options:

– Weight: 25 pounds for a close-fitting skirt shape that improves connection with the horse.
– Seat Sizes: 14″, 15″, 16″, 17″, 18″
– Colors: Regular Oil, Walnut
– Tooling: 1/4 Tool with Camo and Diamond options
– Rigging: 3-Way Adjustable Inner Skirt
– Tree Type: Flex2® Trail for Regular, Wide, and Extra Wide fits
– Skirt Drop: 14.50 inches, Skirt Length: 26.00 inches

Choose the Cross Timber Trail saddle for a remarkable riding experience. Don’t wait – invest in comfort for both you and your horse.

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