16.5″ Used Circle Y Martha Josey Western Barrel Saddle 677-6766



SKU: 677-6766

Features of the Saddle

  • Complete rough-out saddle
  • Finish with chocolate
  • Seated on a hard, scratchy, buckstitch cheyenne roll
  • Accents of white buckstitch
  • Just one rounded skirt
  • Position-rigging that is adjustable
  • Conchos with a silver cross
  • The hoofpick holder on the cantle
  • Consists of Stirrups for barrel racing by Martha Josey


Details of the Saddle

  • Height of Cantle: 4.5″
  • Height of Horn: 4″
  • Length of skirt: approximately 27″
  • Weight: approximately 32 pounds
  • Tree Dimensions: 17″
  • Dimensions of the seat: 16.5″
  • 7″ mid-concho to mid-concho for the gullet

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