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15″ to 17″ Dakota Training Saddle 920R447



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This Dakota saddle is a versatile trainer that combines functionality with durability. It features a pelican horn and cantle, a double fiberglass covered tree, and clipping dees for storage. The saddle’s single in-skirt rigging reduces weight and provides close contact, while its full roughout color adds a touch of elegance. It comes with a five-year warranty.

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Dakota Roughout Training Saddle 920

Made In The USA

The Dakota trainer saddle is a remarkable piece of equipment that exemplifies the same high standards as other Dakota saddles. Crafted with functionality, durability, and meticulous hand-built craftsmanship in mind, this saddle is perfect for practice sessions.

Designed with an equitation style seat, this trainer saddle allows riders to focus on their form and technique. The 3″ pelican horn and 2 3/8″ cantle provide stability and support, ensuring a secure and comfortable ride.

One of the standout features of this saddle is its double fiberglass covered equitation style tree, which comes with a generous 5-year warranty. This tree not only enhances the saddle’s strength and durability but also guarantees its long-lasting performance.

For riders who require ample space for tack, equipment, and training aids, the Dakota trainer saddle is equipped with multiple clipping dees. These dees provide convenient attachment points, allowing riders to carry all necessary items during their training sessions.

The single in-skirt rigging is another notable feature of this saddle. It not only provides close contact between the rider and the horse but also eliminates the need for a bulky rigging under the legs. This design choice not only enhances comfort but also reduces the weight of the saddle, making it incredibly lightweight at just 26lb.

The Dakota trainer saddle boasts impressive specifications, including a double fiberglass covered tree with quarterhorse bars and a 5-year warranty. The 3″ pelican horn and 2 3/8″ cantle, along with a 27″ skirt length, ensure a secure and comfortable ride. The single stainless steel in-skirt rigging in the 7/8″ position promotes close contact with the horse. The 2 1/2″ stirrup leathers with leather-covered buckles add to the overall quality and aesthetic appeal of the saddle. The full roughout color gives it a classic and timeless look.


  • Tree: Double fiberglass covered. Quarterhorse bars with five year warranty. Equitation
  • Horn: Pelican 3″ high with 2 3/8″ cap
  • Skirt Length: 27″
  • Rigging: Single stainless steel in skirt 7/8″ position.
  • Cantle: 2 3/8″
  • Stirrup Leathers: 2 1/2″ with leather covered buckles.
  • Color: Full roughout.
  • Weight: Approx 26lb
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15inch, 16inch, 17inch(+$15)


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