15.75″ McCall Saddlery Lite Will James Ranch Saddle



SKU: 149-922

For long years, swell fork cowboys have relied on the Will James tree. It has become more and more popular over the past few years, and for good reason. This saddle’s adaptability is famous. This saddle is excellent for roping, hauling calves to the fire, riding the greenest colts, and general enjoyment riding. The brown bicycle seat looks great with the medium oil finish. Cantle and horn are accentuated by rawhide. A basic carlos border tooling encloses the saddle’s body. Comes with a rope strap, saddle strings, latigo horn wrap, and a rear cinch.

Weight: Approx. 39 lbs

Gullet: 7″ mid-concho to mid concho

Finished Seat Size: 15.75″

Skirt Length: 28″

Tree Size: 16″


39.00 LBS


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