14″ to 16″ Big Horn Barrel Saddle 1536 1538



The 14″ to 16″ Big Horn Barrel Saddle models 1536 and 1538 are made with a forward seat position, sturdy materials, light weight, and optional decorative components for appearance, all with an eye toward barrel racing.

14″ to 16″ Big Horn Barrel Saddle 1536 1538

Model 1536 and 1538 are 14″ to 16″ Big Horn Barrel Saddles. I can give you a broad idea of what Big Horn Barrel Saddles in this size range would be like, though.

Barrell racing saddles from Big Horn, a respectable company with a reputation for making high-quality Western saddles, are made to last the demands of the discipline. A wide range of body sizes can be comfortably fitted inside the 14″ to 16″ size range, which accommodates different rider preferences.

These barrel saddles—the 1536 and 1538 types, for example—probably have a unique design intended for barrel racing. This features a forward-positioned seat that helps riders maintain balance when making fast turns around barrels, as well as a lightweight design that improves agility. In order to guarantee longevity and rider comfort, the saddle should be constructed from high-quality materials like leather and supported by a sturdy tree.

These saddles may also have forward-hung stirrups and a close-contact rigging system, which enhance rider-to-rider communication and horse as well as helping to keep balance when performing fast-moving moves. Depending on the particular model, the aesthetic features could differ and include ornamental tooling or other embellishments.


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