14.5″ Circle Y Fischer Treeless Barrel 2517e, SAVE $132.50 TODAY CLEARANCE



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This Tammy Fischer treeless saddle offers both security and freedom for your horse. It features an upright swell and tall 5″ cantle, a suede seat with peace heart inlays, and a hand-tooled floral design. The saddle also includes a pick holder and a 2.5″ horn. The 1311 model offers a taller 3″ horn option.

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14.5" Circle Y Fischer Treeless Barrel 1310, SAVE $132.50 TODAY CLEARANCE14.5" Circle Y Fischer Treeless Barrel 1310, SAVE $132.50 TODAY CLEARANCE14.5" Circle Y Fischer Treeless Barrel 1310, SAVE $132.50 TODAY CLEARANCE
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Tammy Fischer Treeless Barrel Racer 1310

Made In The USAIIntroducing the Treeless Design by Tammy Fischer: A Perfect Blend of Security and Freedom for You and Your Horse

Tammy Fischer has revolutionized the world of saddles with her innovative treeless design. This unique saddle combines utmost security in the seat with unparalleled freedom for your horse, creating a product that allows you to ride with confidence.

Designed specifically for riders seeking a secure experience, this saddle features an upright swell and a tall 5″ cantle, ensuring that you feel safe and supported during every ride. The suede seat, adorned with peace heart inlays, provides an additional layer of grip, enhancing your stability and control.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this saddle boasts a hand-tooled floral design that extends from the pommel to the cantle. The exquisite craftsmanship is further accentuated by crystal mosaic conchos, a crystal border, and twisted binding on the cantle, giving it a touch of elegance.

One of the standout features of this saddle is the pick holder located on the back of the cantle. This convenient addition allows you to keep your picks within easy reach, ensuring that you are always prepared during your rides.

The suede seat, beautifully inlaid with black daisy embossed peace hearts, not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also enhances your riding experience by providing comfort and support.

For those seeking a taller horn option, the 1311 model offers a 3″ horn, while the current model comes with a shorter 2.5″ horn. This flexibility allows you to choose the horn size that best suits your needs and preferences.

Ultimately, this Tammy Fischer design aims to give your horse the freedom and comfort it deserves, enabling both of you to perform at your best. With its impeccable combination of security in the seat and freedom for your horse, this treeless saddle is a must-have for riders who value both safety and performance.

Invest in the Tammy Fischer treeless saddle today and experience a new level of confidence and harmony with your horse.

Special Features

  • Neoprene skirts absorb shock and distribute weight
  • Tree less design for unrestricted movement and comfort, close contact between horse and rider
  • Biothane stirrup leathers are flexible, lightweight, durable, and strong
  • Forward hung fenders help keep your legs from getting behind you


  • Seat Size: 14.5″
  • Saddle Fit: Regular
  • Color: Ultra Lite
  • Cantle: 5″
  • Horn: 2-1/2″ neck
  • Swell: 12-1/2″
  • Conchos: Crystal mosaic
  • Skirt Size: 13″ x 24″
  • Weight: Approximately 26 lbs.


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