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Experience ultimate comfort with the Montreal Trooper Trail Saddle by Tucker. Trusted by field trials riders, this saddle boasts a unique frame for customized seat suspension, Gel Cush sheets for long-term comfort, and thin fenders for unrestricted movement.

Available in Trooper 17 1/2 inch and Trooper 19 inch sizes, and Black or Black 4 Touring Grade colors, it suits individual preferences. With a medium tree fit and 24-inch skirt length, it accommodates various horse builds. Crafted in the USA, the Montreal Trooper ensures unmatched performance on the trails.

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The Montreal Trooper is a top quality field saddle that will keep you and your horse comfortable mile after mile. Tucker Trail saddles have long been considered the highest quality product for field trials riders. Many of the country’s leading owners, handlers, and judges drive Tucker Troopers.

Manufactured with a unique frame that allows adjustment of the seat suspension to achieve the most comfortable ride possible. Gel Cush sheets are perfect for long-term use and are cushions that act like gel, so they won’t burst, freeze, or break down over time. Thin fenders are designed for complete freedom of movement when you need it most.


  • Trail
  • Heavy:
  • 28,000000
  • Brand:
  • Tucker
  • Horn:
  • Swell:
  • Size:
  • Trooper 17 1/2 inch, Trooper 19 inch
  • Color:
  • Black, Black 4 Touring Grade:
  • None
  • Tree Fit:
  • Medium
  • Skirt Length:
  • 24.000000
  • Country of Manufacture:
  • USA
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