12″ 13″ Wintec Junior Western All Rounder Saddle



We’re excited to introduce the Wintec Junior Western All-Rounder Saddle, which is ideal for young riders starting out on their western riding adventures. Comfort and adaptability were top priorities when creating this saddle. It offers a perfect fit for young riders as they hone their riding skills, with a choice of 12″ or 13″ seat sizes.

This saddle is ideal for kids who enjoy spending time in the saddle regardless of the weather or riding circumstances because it is made of sturdy and easy-to-clean synthetic materials. Your youngster will have a steady riding experience because of its safe and comfortable seat.

The Wintec Junior Western All-Rounder Saddle is a dependable option for young riders eager to explore the world of western riding, whether it be for trail riding, ranch labor, or western pleasure.

Wintec Junior Western All-rounder Saddle

For junior riders who just want to get on and go! The Wintec Junior Western All Rounder is weather-proof and worry-free meaning you have more time to ride. The soft, grippy seat offers you extra security when you go fast, while the quick-drying, leather-look fenders support your western riding adventures. Get on and gallop in the Wintec Junior Western All Rounder!


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